Eye Protection

We sell a selection of protective glasses, goggles and visors to keep your eyes protected at work. These products have all been extensively tested and are proven to work when working with dangerous liquids and chemicals, protection against chippings and debris when working with power tools, guard against dust, gas or liquid mist from machines, and protect against radiant heat, molten metal, sparks and hot metal.

Safety Glasses

We offer an extensive range of safety glasses from MSA and Bolle. Many of our glasses come with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to ensure that they can work in any environment.


Visors are ideal protection when working as an electrician or welder as they protect the whole face. Wearing a visor also enables the user to wear perscription glasses underneath it while they work.


Examples of hazards which could require eye and face protection


The main hazards are:

  • Liquid or chemical splash as a result of handling or coming into contact with dangerous liquids or chemical substances;
  • Working with power-driven tools, where chippings or debris are likely to fly into the face, or abrasive materials may be ejected;
  • Dust, gas or liquid mist from machines, high-pressure cleaning, or using gas or vapour under pressure;
  • Radiant heat, molten metal, hot solids, sparks or hot liquid splash from working in hot conditions, for example welding, ovens, furnaces etc;
  • Intense light or other optical radiation emitted at levels liable to cause risk of injury, for example welding, lasers etc.


The key points to note for eye and face protection are:

  • Make sure the eye/face protection fits the user and does not fall off easily. It should be issued on a personal basis;
  • Consider misting/fogging. Anti-mist and ventilated eye protection is available;
  • Store eye protection in a protective case;
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning, not forgetting headbands and frames. Use only anti-mist, cleaning and antistatic fluids and cloths recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Do not use when visibility is noticeably reduced (eg the lenses are deeply scratched or worn) or the frame, headband or harness is deformed. Throw them away and replace them.