Face & Eye Protection

Face and eye protection keep your eyes and face protected from any debris, liquid or sprays that may be hazardous of harmful. It is important to comply with the required protection when working. Our face and eye protection is comfortable, while providing safety it is unobtrusive and doesn’t restrict vision or movement.

Protect your eyes from dust or debris when working, get the job done in confidence with our established and reliable range of safety glasses brought to you by world known manufacturers.

Face shields & visors that are designed to protect the users face, different materials and sizes are available for use when in different working environments.

When should I wear face protection?
  • Safety glasses, as a minimum, are required where there is a potential of eyes being struck by projectile objects. Side shields are required if there is a hazard from flying objects from the side.
  • Face shields are required where facial skin protection is needed. They can only be used in conjunction with eye protection. The face shield is not a substitute for the safety glasses or goggles.
  • Shaded eye/face protection is required for radiant energy sources from arc and gas welding, soldering and brazing, laser, ultraviolet, and infrared.