Fall Protection

Choose from our selection of fall protection products, including Personal Fall Limiters, Harnesses, Self retracting lifelines and much more.


Browse our full range of MSA harnesses including: V-Form, V-Form Anti Static, V-Fit, Gravity Utility, Gravity Suspension and Thermaltec.

Our Harness range benefits from the following features:

  • Comfort: To ensure a perfect fit all of our harnesses are available in different sizes.
  • Qwik-Fit (Traditional mating buckle) or Secure-Fit / Bayonet style (Auto lock, double action unlock)

Both styles offer fast and easy connection and adjustment. The choice of leg strap connections is a matter of personal preference.


There are two primary types of lanyards:

  • Restraint Lanyards: Used to prevent a user from reaching a potential hazard.
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyards: used when fall hazard exists. In choosing the correct lanyard, you must keep the application in mind.

Ensure the lanyard is the proper length to allow the necessary worker movement/positioning.

  • Determine that the right material type is chosen (depending on your work environment)
    – Cable works best in high heat environments or around sharp edges
    – Rope or webbing works best in most other applications
  • Ensure you have calculated your total fall distance.

You also need to consider the compatibility of the system components. Components produced by different manufacturers may not be interchangeable.

Note: If a lanyard assembly is not suitable the use of a Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) device is recommended.

Confined Space Products

Protect workers in tight places with MSA’s complete Workman Confined Space Entry Kit. The Kit contains:

  • Workman Tripod—provides stable base support.
  • Workman Winch—lowers, lifts and positions personnel and materials.
  • New Workman Rescuer—provides fall arrest protection to the entrant; enables top-side attendant to safely and quickly retract a stricken worker without entering the confined space.

The entire Workman Confined Space Entry Kit takes only minutes to set up; no tools are needed.

Self Retracting Devices

Self retracting devices can be split into two subcategories

  • Personal Fall Limiters – A personal fall limiter is a compact lighter version of a self retracting lifeline / Lanyard. A personal fall limiter connects directly to the D-Ring on the back of a full body harness and can be carried on a workers back.
  • Self Retracting Lanyards – self-retracting lanyard (SRL) is a vertical lifeline that is used as part of a complete fall arrest system. The lifeline, much like the seat and shoulder belt in a car, pulls out and retracts easily. 

Anchorage Connectors

We offer a wide range of connector solutions to ensure your workers safety.

Anchorage selection is driven primarily by application. You will need to carefully consider your work environment, in particular the type of structure where the connector will be attached.

Examples include:

• Roof
• Scaffold
• Steel Beam
• Concrete Column
• Rail

Weight should also be a consideration if a worker will need to carry the connector around during the work day. 

Rescue Solutions


Our rescue solutions include the Latchways personal rescue device and the Anthron descender.


  • The Anthron Descender – The Anthron Descender is a manually operated, controlled descent device most commonly used for suspended work positioning, self-evacuation, or rescue operations. A cam assembly provides friction on the rope to hold a load or allow the load to descend at a controlled rate.
  • The Latchways Personal Rescue Device – Personal Rescue Device – significantly reduces rescue time. The MSA Latchways® PRD is a lightweight, unobtrusive personal rescue device that is an integrated full body harness system for self-rescue.

 Fall Protection Accessories

Customise your fall protection solution with our range of accessories. Featuring D-Ring extenders, suspension trauma safety steps, carabiners and tool holders.